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All course participants are responsible for obtaining scores and learning the course repertoire prior to arriving in Newport.

Contact Cliff Hill Music at (800) 819-8772 to order your scores today!


2022 Course Repertoire

Responses - Paul Spicer (set two)

Evening Canticles - Harwood in A-flat​​

Mass setting - Truro Eucharist - David Briggs

Save us, O Lord—Bairstow

Insanae et vanae curae - Haydn

Come, renew us – Eleanor Daly

When rooks fly homeward – Arthur Baynon

The following two unpublished anthems will be emailed to registrants​​

O Lord, support us all the day long – Bert Van der Hoek

Bread of the world (trebles only) – John Abdenour

Past Course Repertoire



Responses (St. Kilda) – Gary Davison

Phos hilaron (St. Kilda) – Gary Davison

Evening Canticles – Stanford in A

Communion Service (Collegium Regale) – Herbert Howells

It is a good thing to give thanks – David Hurd

Ave verum – Colin Mawby

I love all beauteous things – Judith Weir

Thou, O God, art praised in Sion – Malcolm Boyle

O Lord, support us – Robert Lehman (distributed digitally)

*Commissioned for the 10th anniversary of the Rhode Island Course



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