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What to Bring


For Liturgies

  • Your course music in a black three-ring binder with your name clearly marked on the inside. 

  • Choir vestments on a hanger with your name pinned inside each piece

  • Boys: slacks, collared dress shirt, closed-toe dress shoes

  • Girls: dress or slacks and blouse and close-toe dress shoes

  • RSCM badge or ribon if you have one

Daily Attire

  • Shorts and long pants

  • A jacket, rain gear or umbrella

  • Comfortable, supportive shoes for walking and standing


For Activities and Free Time

  • Swimsuit, beach towel(s) and sunscreen for the beach

  • Comfortable shoes for hiking the Cliff Walk. 

  • Talent show material (costumes, musical instruments, props, etc.)

Additional Items to Remember

  • A water bottle

  • Sheets, pillowcase and bath towel (bedding is not provided, but one pillow is)

  • Alarm clock

  • Small fan

  • Soap, shampoo, toothbrush/paste and other toiletries

  • Bug spray

  • Prescription medications (to be kept by the course medical person)

What not to bring!

  • Valuable jewelry

  • Large amounts of cash

  • Any substance prohibited by the behavioral contract


*iPods or electronic games for in-room use only. Electronics used outside your room will be collected and returned at the end of the course. Use of cell phones is prohibited during the course.


*All medications should be in plastic Ziploc-type bags with the chorister’s name printed clearly on it. All medication containers should be clearly marked with the chorister’s name and dosing information.

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